Try TangoChicago's Tuesday or Friday Nite Snob Free, Smoke Free Milonga
With Over 15 years of Tango Bliss To Its Credit!
It's By Invitation; you may request an invite by e-mail & wait for a reply!
TangoChicago is home to some of the most beautiful women and interesting men in the city. The ladies that have studied with us are fought over & pursued by handsome men in every milonga in Chicago because they follow well, without anticipating and they all can lead as well as most guys.

The men that we train at TangoChicago are very creative and always on & with the music. Our leaders make the dance experience of being led by a man whom you just met both exciting & great fun.

Women will also be delighted by our lady's choice dance
policy that allows them to ask men to dance at anytime
throughout the night for their maximum dancing pleasure.
Our Dance Floor was hand crafted with you in mind. It is the floor used by the Joffrey Ballet and Mikhail Baryshnikov when they tour and travel. It is an elevated hardwood floor custom built with suspension, and cushioning mechanisms that reduce foot & back strain that is usually caused by impact & shock of unyielding floors. Tango Chicago's floor absorbs so much of the dancer's energy that it returns a portion of that energy to you as you dance.

Our weekly Milongas are located by Chicago's old historic White Sox Park baseball stadium  at The TangoChicago Dance Centre on 735 W. 35th st. Chicago Il. 60616 ; the milonga is $25.00,  which includes a comp intro to Tango & eval starting from 7:30pm and Social Dancing,  which starts at 9:30pm--until. For info contact Al Gates at 312-788-3408 or by email:

The dress is suits or work attire for men. Women usually wear after-fives, cocktail dresses, formal evening gowns & even jeans. Feel free to wear comfortable clothing which allows unrestricted movement, dance shoes
are required. Parking is ample on the street & CTA buses on Grand Ave. are regular.

The Music mixed by Al is great; in fact he won't ruin the mood with Swing, Salsa, Hip-Hop, or Cha-Cha, only pure and timeless Tango Classics that will keep you jumping up to find just the right partner.

For info about a class or  milonga, contact Al Gates at
or at 312-788-3408.