Please take note of our new address:

47 W. Polk St. Lower Level  Chicago (south loop) 60605   312-788-3408

Learn To Slow Dance With Your Friends And Enjoy Group Dance Party Socials.

Are you still doing that bar scene? If you can walk we can teach you to dance the same day.

Bring your after work group, wedding party , sports pals or celebrate your date night, birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement, LGBT group or special event and learn to slow dance with pizzazz in our picturesque space.

 WE supply the dance lessons, great music, fun atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

Day or evening sessions are available. Let Al of TangoChicago add spice to your social life!

Welcome Groupon Customers

Important Instructions

  1. Please book mark this page so that you can refer to this later.
  2. Shoes


  • Smooth Leather Soled Dance Shoes
  • A Pair of Thick Athletic Socks to dance in
  • Do not wear them bring them in a bag
    • Gals:
      • Flats or low heeled Leather Soled Dance Shoes
      • High Heels are not recommended for 3 hours of tango practice
      • If shoes get wet you can not dance in them, so bring them in your bag
      • or bring a Pair of Thick Athletic Socks to dance in.
      • Dress
        • Guys:
          • Comfortable Clothing
          • Casual/ Jeans ok
        • Gals:
          1. Slacks/ Jeans, Tights,Leggings, Shorts ok
          2. Dress Skirts to be worn at knee or just above
          3. No Long Skirts should be worn as the position of the legs would not be visible
          4. Al's New Students Are From India, China, Italy & A Few Places In The World That You Have Never Even
            Heard Of...they Are One Step Away From Greatness...
            ...Aspiring Teachers, Physicists, Engineers, Computer Geeks;
            One Discovery away from Saving the World    But...
            They Discovered A Love For Argentine Tango And Nobody Here Is Thinking Of The Political Implications And Disagreements Of Exchanging Pleasantries With People Of Diversely Different Views, Because They All Agree: That If  Everyone In The World Would Relieve Their Stress By Hugging  and Enjoying Great Music  As They Danced The Tango, There Wouldn't Be Anything To Disagree About, go Figure !!! Did We Mention That Tango is Like Yoga To Music Calming, Peaceful Even Spiritual And If The Pope Loves Argentine Tango So Will You !!!